Truth and Justice

Truth and Justice… American politicians seem to employ neither principle. That’s what they are: principles.  These principles are what keeps Human Beings right, keeps us on the straight and narrow.  Let’s take a look, shall we:

TRUTHTruth – Truth is what keeps our souls clean. Whenever we deviate from the truth, we step into The Dark. There is nothing alive in The Dark…only evil, death and more Darkness.  Deception, lies and a complete absence of The Truth. Hell. That is what lurks in The Dark, and when Man chooses to operate from within The Dark, Evil takes over. There is nothing Man can say or do to change that…except to step out into The Light, where Truth is…and Justice.

It is where most of us live…in The Light. The Glorious, Beautiful All-Knowing, All-Loving Light. Some of us don’t realize we’re living there, but we are. Because we refuse to walk in The Dark, we refuse to live Lies. We refuse to accept Crap for a Life and we long for the loving touch and embrace of The One who created us.

But those of us who have been tempted into a life of civil leadership – we have a unique challenge that comes with the big salary and the crazy-generous benefits and the connections to others who live in The Dark. Those in leadership have to fight the urge to step into The Dark, where voices coax them and urge them to join those already committed to Life in The Dark. Most Human Beings aren’t capable of the_dark_knight_rises_hd_wallpapers_desktop_backgrounds_latest_2012_bane_wallpapersstaying in The Light while working with those who dwell in The Dark. Though they try to fight it, ultimately they cave, and step into that world that suffocates one’s Soul and snuffs the flame that keeps us all alive.

The challenge is too great for most people, and so The Enemy preys on the weak among us. The Chosen are deluded into believing they are the strongest of our kind, and thus the deception begins…and the lost become the pawns.

The rest of us? We stand together, believing we are apart from one another, blinded by the light of Truth, apathetic and mired in a false sense of security while our imagined ‘leaders’ are busy doing the work of The Evil One, stripping us of our God-given rights and relieving us of the abundance we’ve worked so hard to accumulate here in The Land of the Free and The Home of The Brave. In the process, these supposed ‘leaders’ are also enriching themselves and their Corporate sponsors, as well.

So now what? I’ll tell you what: Now We the People must fight for our rights ( We must at least begin to recognize FIGHTFOROURRIGHTSheaderthat this system of governance is no longer working. No, we are not a Democracy, although that is how our Communist/Socialist Progressive ‘leadership’ continually refers to our system of government. A Democracy will only last, if history is any template, about 200 years. America has lasted more than that – more than 240 years and counting.

But we are due for a correction. We need to self-correct or our government will implode, from the inside. We the People need to embrace Truth and real Justice or we will go the way of the Athenians, the first Democracy, and the Greeks. The United States of America will die a timely death.

Already, there is in our midst a group of Communist/Socialists who call themselves “Democrats” and “Republicans” who are planning to abandon our sovereign nation status even now. In the plan included agenda21lalogoin Agenda 21, the ‘United Nations’ (such a lie in itself) plan to create a One World Government, to destroy our precious Constitutional Republic called The Unite States of America… to eliminate Truth, Justice and The American Way.

But wait… that is US, is it not? Truth, Justice and The American Way refers to you and I and all American Patriots. Will we allow the “leaders” to end our existence? Will we permit those who dwell in The Dark to eliminate this great nation, this Constitutional Republic that has been the most prosperous, the most powerful nation ever, in the history of Mankind?

We think not. Truth, Justice and The American Way will live on because We the People live on. We refuse to let this Democrat-Republican Party destroy this great nation…and we have a say in this.  In fact, We the People have the only say in this. As we go, so goes the nation. (More coming…)

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America was built upon principles.  Truth.  Honor.  Grace.  Justice.  These principles defined The American Way.

It is what America was about. It is what Americans were about.  And then came the fall of the Soviet Union.

Where did you think all of the rich Communists went? Had you given that any thought before now? Let me give you a little hint: Those rich Communists were rooted out of the Soviet Union  – aka USSR – and they came HERE, to America.

And let me tell you who KNEW they came here: The Democrat Party and the Republican Party. They knew, and they said nothing to We the People. That’s because dishonesty breeds dishonesty and our American politicians were already so deep into being dishonest with us that they failed to tell us what may have been the information needed in order for us to protect ourselves.

But no…they said nothing and today the Communist/Socialists Progressives – call them what you will – now run both major political parties. That’s why both parties seem like one party today: THEY ARE one party now.

Here at TJ & the AW, we are going to be rigorously honest with you and you are going to be better informed because of it.

You’re welcome. ;-)truth-justice-and-the-american-way

TJ & the AW